ZRMK d.d.

ZRMK d.d is the holding company in the ZRMK group; it links 3 limited companies and is the legal successor to the Institute for Testing and Research in Materials and Structures Ljubljana, which was established in 1949.

The companies operate in the building/construction field both in Slovenia and abroad. The areas of activity range from fundamental and applied research, technical and technological development, consulting, designing and revising blueprints, construction supervision, quality assurance and verification, investigation and testing, engineering consultancy and training and education in the fields of construction all the way to the execution of special works and the production of special construction materials and laboratory and technological equipment.

The successful growth and development of the company are the result of a clear vision and a lucid strategy, persistently realised by our team of employees. Our expertise and experience allows us to offer efficient solutions in the various construction-related fields to our business partners. We are committed to professionalism, quality of service and the promotion of internal culture in the company. To this end, we are cultivating a modern management and quality assurance approach in accordance with the ISO 9001 standard.