The GRAS d.o.o. company performs construction/restoration works and execution engineering. Numerous references from Slovenia and foreign markets provide evidence of a more than 60-year tradition. The most important references can be found on this website as well.

More than 30 years ago, the company began introducing modern procedures for the elimination of moisture from the supporting structures of masonry buildings. Stopping the capillary rise of moisture using a chemical process and the application of hydrophobic plaster that facilitates controlled evaporation of moisture from the walls are methods that to this day represent the standard in the restoration of objects of cultural heritage as well as other objects.

When working on a project, the GRAS d.o.o. company successfully cooperates with designers, supervisors, conservators and the society for the preservation of monuments. When restoring an object where a relatively large portion of the work required is particularly suited to the company's competences, the company takes over the execution and management of the entire project.

The construction/restoration processes that the company performs on building objects include foundation and wall reinforcement, the reinforcement and restoration of mezzanine structures, earthquake-proofing of construction elements and of whole objects, facade and roof structure restoration and the elimination of moisture from the walls. When it comes to industrial objects, we offer damage repair for concrete structures, strengthening reinforced-concrete support columns by bonding composite materials and surface protection of exposed concrete and reinforced-concrete structures.

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